the Harvey Steel show are combining music with theatre and fine art, and the result is a joyous noise both visually and musically. Portraying different realities and with a non-linear approach to time

the backstory

the Harvey Steel show hails from the planet Jupiter, now a gas cloud more than a planet.

...as they left Jupiter's atmosphere as usual to play a concert at venus(the planet) , the band experienced a kind of time-lapse video of their home planet being destroyed by war, natural disasters and a blood thirsty god-like figure. They were thrown out of the cosmic balance and entered a parallel universe (our universe) and grew into a life as humanoid beings on this planet (Tellus) where they eventually had translated their Jupiterian music to earthly instruments and influences from earths musical history.

They create what they consider pop music. Although it brings forth crucified psychedelic rabbits searching for polkadots, a backing vocalist that at times may seem to be made out of cardboard and other bizzare events, just listen to the music and find out that pop melodies are plentyfold.

                                                                                                                       no guns, no hatred, no war

theatre collaborations with //vandrefrank//